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Welcome to Csilla Orban Artwork Page


The cityscapes of Csilla Orban occupy a unique position on the current art market. Although they depict specific and often recognisable locations, their particular brilliance lies in the creation of atmosphere rather than the accuracy of detail. By merging colours and blurring the reflected light in the rain-slicked streets, Csilla conveys the fast-moving essence of her chosen subject in her own distinctive way. Csilla was born in 1961 in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Budapest in 1984 with a Masters Degree in Art and followed this up with a year as a scholarship student in the former USSR. After spending much of her twenties travelling around Europe she finally settled in the UK.
Ambient City IV Nightshades I After Hours Nightshades II
Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195
Image Size 14 x 14" £285 Image Size 20 x 20" £SOLD OUT Image Size 36 x 24" £SOLD OUT Image Size 20 x 20" £SOLD OUT
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