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Welcome to Rebecca Lardner Artwork Page

Rebecca's distinctive oils on canvas are beautifully depicted portrayals of life on the land and the sea. The large ensemble cast of figures, boats and sea birds creates an impression of ceaseless activity, and this is heightened by the natural curves of the classic English harbour which provide movement and energy. Her palette is based strongly on the colours of the sea, with blues, greens and greys dominating the entire canvas. Rebecca was born in Purbeck, Dorset in 1971. After completing an Art Foundation Course she graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA Honours degree in Illustration. She went on to build a highly successful career as an artist and illustrator, fulfilling commissions for a number of high-profile clients including Paul McCartney's Music Academy, as well as a range of magazines and record sleeves.  Rebecca is now able to devote more time to her painting and has travelled the world from Ireland to India undertaking prestigious corporate commissions. She has exhibited in a range of high calibre galleries in the UK, Europe and the USA and her evocative oils sell to collectors from all over the world.

Originals ~ Please Check for current Availability ~ Click Image for Larger Picture
That's the Way Over the Sea Rock Stra Across the Bay II
Paper Edition Size 195 Paper Edition Size 195 Sculpture Edition Size 495 Paper Edition Size 195
Image Size 20 x 20" £495 Image Size 12 x 12" £275 Image Size 9 x 11" £275 Image Size 12 x 12" £275
Across the Bay I High and Dry Out Fishing Fancy Free
Paper Edition Size 195 Sculpture Edition Size 350 Sculpture Edition Size 350 Sculpture Edition Size 350
Image Size 12 x 12" £275 Size 9 x 10" £SOLD OUT Size 7 x 15" £SOLD OUT Size 7 x 11" £SOLD OUT
Fish and Chips On the Home Stretch Together Forever Hustle and Bustle
Open Edition Book £60 Box Canvas Edition Size 195 Sculpture Edition Size 350 Box Canvas Edition Size 195
  Image Size 32 x 24" £SOLD OUT Size 11 x 16" £SOLD OUT Image Size 32 x 40" £SOLD OUT
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