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Welcome to Philip Raskin Artwork Page

Philip Raskin was born in 1947 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He then entered the world of business and became well known as the proprietor of The Inn on the Green, a celebrated jazz restaurant in Glasgow over which he and his wife presided. He did not lose contact with the world of art however, as the venue doubled up as a quality gallery with a full programme of exhibitions and private views. After 20 years as a successful restaurateur, Philip returned to his easel and brushes on a full time basis. Over time, he has developed a painterly impasto style; using the texture of the paint and the shape of the brushwork, he gives each of his luminous landscapes its own reality, rather than allowing it to be a smooth window onto a world beyond. With a trademark soft palette and dramatic skies, the overall effect magically captures the textures, moods and changeable light of his native Scotland. Philip is rapidly acquiring a loyal following of collectors both in the UK and abroad. "I tend to paint very private places for the viewer to own and enjoy; no people, no houses, no telegraph poles - just the driftwood of an ebb tide, mist tumbling on a distant hilltop and silence broken only by lapping water and gulls ascending."

Distant Dreams I Distant Dreams II Everlasting Light I
Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Box Canvas Edition Size 95
Image Size 15 x 15" £SOLD OUT Image Size 15 x 15" £SOLD OUT Image Size 40 x 15" £520 Framed
Far Horizons II Far Horizons I Everlasting Light II
Canvas Edition Size 95 Canvas Edition Size 95 Box Canvas Edition Size 95
Image Size 12 x 12" £SOLD OUT Image Size 12 x 12" £SOLD OUT Image Size 40 x 15" £SOLD OUT
  Ocean Idyll Distant Dreams III
  Box Canvas Edition Size 95 Canvas Edition Size 195
  Image Size 32 x 32" £SOLD OUT Image Size 37 x 15" £SOLD OUT
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