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Paul's paintings range from vivid and affectionate portrayals of farmyard and domestic animals to witty metaphorical narratives of wildlife in the urban jungle. His work is remarkable for the consummate skill with which he depicts the details of fleece, fur and feathers, and the unexpected juxtapositions of creatures and contexts. Often combining a humorous approach to his subjects with the manipulation of perspective and scale, he creates immediate and arresting pieces that have won him wide acclaim. Paul was born and brought up in Leicestershire. His artistic abilities became apparent from a relatively early age and with the support and encouragement of his parents he is essentially self taught. A determined non-conformist he left art college and made a living as an independent artist painting classic cars and commissions of pet dogs and cats. After a foray into the world of music, he finally settled into life as a professional painter in 1986, since when he has established himself as one of the UK's most gifted animal artists.
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Brown and Out Discerning Charlie No Name Innocent
Edition Size 100 Edition Size 100 Edition Size 125 Edition Size 125
Box Canvas 32 x 40" SOLD OUT Box Canvas 36 x 36" 995 Framed Box Canvas 18 x 18" 349 Framed Box Canvas 18 x 18" 349 Framed
Dottie Urban Gorilla Angelina The Lads
Canvas 25 x 20"  Framed (95) Canvas 36 x 26"  Framed (95) Canvas 34 x 34"  Framed (95) Canvas 37 x 32"  Framed (95)
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