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Welcome to Gary Bunt Artwork Page
Gary was born in Kent in 1957. After showing early promise in a whole range of artistic pursuits he was offered a place at art college but instead elected to follow a career as a professional musician. After several years as a successful guitarist Gary turned his back on the rock and roll lifestyle and began to paint professionally. Gary's subject matter derives from personal memories and everyday impressions, and each element of his paintings is presented with wit and cheerful nostalgia. While he describes his earlier work as "safe", his illness encouraged him to become more expressive and channel his life experiences and emotions into his engaging images. He also creates uplifting poetry to complement each piece of artwork. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2001 Gary began to use his painting as a means to help others and worked with a range of patients to show them how art therapy could make painting a part of their own recovery process. As he puts it: "when I'm painting I simply don't think about anything else". This project proved immensely helpful to many people, and Gary himself has now been free of cancer for three years. His compassion and sense of fun both come across in his work which is becoming increasingly popular with art collectors across the UK.
Down by the Sea Fisherman and his Family A Fat Fish Fly Away
Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195
Image Size 14 x 12" £SOLD OUT Image Size 14 x 12" £SOLD OUT Image Size 14 x 12" £SOLD OUT Image Size 24 x 20" £SOLD OUT
  Man on a Hill    
  Canvas Edition Size 195    
  Image Size 24 x 20" £SOLD OUT    
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