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Ben Payne has built a reputation for creating artwork which is fresh, escapist and above all, uplifting. Born in Surrey in 1975, he began drawing portraits and painting as a hobby; by the age of 16 he was selling his work, and he has now developed into a major British talent. Although he is almost completely self-taught Ben is able to respond to challenges and create artwork that is both technically accomplished and highly accessible. Ben's high-impact land, sky and seascapes are inspired by the British coastline. He owes an artistic debt to a range of artists, in particular Turner and Whistler. Their influence can be seen in the way he captures the appearance of clouds with such delicacy, while employing a vivid and dramatic palette - a characteristic which lends his work an ethereal quality.

Sunkissed Shores III Sunkissed Shores II Sunkissed Shores I Love Reflection
Edition Size 195 Edition Size 195 Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 95
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